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Sentinel Robotic Solutions in partnership with Agri Spray Drones is dedicated to providing end-to-end agricultural drone solutions. Our knowledge of drones coupled with our experience in agriculture allows us to create systems that support your operation and promote efficiency. By doing this, we provide you, our drone customer, with the best expertise to ensure you find success in the field.

AGRI Spray Drones


We'll help you find the best solution for your needs with in-depth sales support.


From customer support to replacement parts - our service team has your back.


We thoroughly train our customers and provide our experience to keep you in the air.


Agras T40

The AGRAS T40 is equipped with the revolutionary Coaxial Twin Rotor design, enabling it to carry a spray load of 40 kg and a spread load of 50 kg (70 L). The aircraft is built in with a Dual Atomized Spraying System, DJI Terra, Active Phased array Radar and Binocular Vision. It supports multiple missions from surveying, mapping, to spraying and spreading, helping you achieve ultimate precision in your agricultural operations.


Agras T20P

Discover the remarkable Agras T20P drone – a perfect balance of lightweight design and powerful performance. This agile drone boasts the capability to carry a spraying payload of up to 5.28 gallons and a spreading payload of up to 55 pounds with an extended flight time compared to the T40 (12 minutes hover time with full tank).

Agras T30

The T30 is tested and proven in the field. With a 7.9-gallon (30 liter) spray tank, this industry-leading drone can spray up to 30 acres per hour at 2 gallons per acre (GPA). The revolutionary transforming body, equipped with 16 TeeJet nozzles and a double plunger pump, enables highly effective spraying to help reduce crop inputs and increase yield making it versatile for many different spray jobs.
Great fit for:

  • Covering large acreage

  • Spot application

  • Cover crop overseeding

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